Our Patient’s Stories…

Dr. Harron performed a lower back spinal fusion on me in 2005. Before the surgery, I was in serious pain and could not work consistently or sleep much at all at night. Thanks to the Lord and Dr. Harron’s surgical skillfulness, I was soon able to resume my job as a high school teacher and varsity football coach.” – J.E.

Great doctor! He performed my surgery to implant a VNS stimulator, and diagnosed spinal stenosis. He also refered and set up the appointments for the testing required. I didn’t have to make the appointments for the ESIs, that was done for me. Follow up appointments were easy to schedule. Always went over all my options clearly.”

Two years ago he helped me and made my pain go away with surgury after three doctors and one hospital said they could find nothing wrong. Dr Ray looked at the same information they had said he could fix it with surgery and he did. I now need additional surgery and I immediately went to Dr. Harron he found the problem and he will fix it tomorrow. Thanks Dr. Harron you are the best. Also want to say I have only had one other Dr. show me the concern that Dr. Harron has. I know he really wants to help me.” – B.M.

Dr. Harron is one of the most caring, personable and brilliant physicians I have ever had the pleasure of being treated by. I would highly recommend him for any neurological surgery you might need. I had anterior lumbar interbody fusion with hardware which is a VERY complex and serious procedure. He has been there to support me and encorage me and has even called me on a weekend to check on me. (What Dr. does that now a days?) I am also in the medical field (dental tech) and every medical professional I speak with about Dr.Harron says how extraordinary he is. Switch Drs. if you need to this is the Dr. to see if you want the very best treatment and care!”- R.M.

One of the most caring Doctors I have ever met. He shows compassion for his patients and listens to what you say even if symptoms aren’t “textbook”.”- D.D

This doctor worked a miracle in my back. I had herniated bulging disk and 5 years later and I am still pain Free…”

I had headaches, pain down my arm, pain so bad I vomited most every day. Finally I found a Doctor who discovered 2 herniated disks in my C spine, not a torn rotator cuff. So, Dr. Harron, after I had worked almost a year with this, fixed the problem. The electrical pain shooting into my head and arm was finally gone! Not only is he good at what he does he’s very nice, all the time! Always happy and spends time to make sure I understand. My cousin broke his neck, he’s also mentally challenged. Dr Harron repaired the break and Randy is back to Randy! He loves Dr. Harron too. He’s just an all around good Doctor, the kind they all should be!!

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