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What is Microdiscectomy?

Microdiscectomy, also sometimes called microdecompression or microdiskectomy, is a minimally invasive surgical procedure performed on patients with a herniated lumbar disc.

A microdiscectomy is an improved surgical procedure that combines advancements in technology and utilization of microscopes to allow your surgeon to make smaller incisions while gaining access to the disc and removing the particle remnants from the rupture. The smaller incision and less invasive approach expedites your recovery time.

The goal of a microdiscectomy is to remove the disc material placing pressure on the nerves. The procedure is done under general anesthesia. You will be unconscious during the entire procedure, which is performed in a face down position.

The Benefits of Micordiscectomy

Research suggests that the microdiscectomy procedure is about 95% effective in relieving sciatica pain caused by disc herniation. Sciatica is a painful condition caused by compression of the spinal nerve that leads to your leg. The compression of the sciatic nerve is almost always caused by a herniated lumbar disc.

Candidates for Microdiscectomy

Lumbar microdiscectomy is usually recommended only when specific conditions are met. In general, surgery is recommended when a ruptured disc is pinching a spinal nerve root(s) and you have:

  • Leg pain which limits your normal daily activities
  • Weakness in your leg(s) or feet
  • Numbness in your extremities
  • Impaired bowel and/or bladder function
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